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Shinenergy Company Profile

Company profile

Shinenergy Technology Ltd. is a high-tech manufactures of power transformers, reactors and a valued supplier of complete transformer and reactors service solutions. Shinenergy specialises in the design and manufacture high quality bespoke and custom built electrical transformers and reactors.

Shinenergy Technology Ltd. locates in PuDong LinGang Industrial Park, ShangHai, China. This modern facility houses manufacturing and administration, sales, accounting, Global purchasing and quality control. To provide better custom services and reliable quality of transformers and reactors, Shinenergy has a R&D team leading by doctors from ZheJiang University, which is one of the best university in China. Shinenergy has won the title "XiaoJuRen enterprise" rewarded by ShangHai Bank. Shinenergy has achieved several patents and has won many rewards given by the ShangHai government for being a leading edge company. Shinenergy is a proud member of many famous associations such as China Renewable Energy Society, China Power Supply Society, China Electric Equipment Industry Association, Shanghai New Energy Industry Association, Shanghai Solar Energy Society.

All Shinenergy designs are cost effective and the transformers are built with modern manufacturing techniques. We particularly emphasize our 'Value Added Engineering' where our design staff will work directly with your team to produce the optimum and cost effective solution for your application. Our design is based on tons of calculations and simulations such as calculation of flux density, loss calculation, Inductance calculation, L-I Performance analysis, harmonic simulation, magnetic simulation, thermal simulation, noise analysis, etc. Our fully computerized design and effective communication when time is vital.

All Shinenergy products are designed, constructed and rated in to meet or exceed the standards established by UL, CE. Shinenergy has always prided itself on its ability to build a quality product. To this end we have upgraded our Quality Systems to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2008 standard and have achieved product certificates from global authoritative certification body of TÜV Rheinland.

Shinenergy Manufacturing has positioned itself as a recognized leader in the transformer manufacturing and reactor manufacturing industry. Serving a broad range of industries from solar power generation, wind power generation, high speed electric locomotive, smart grid, E-mobility, UPS, power electronic equipment, etc.

Designing, manufacturing, testing, delivering, Shinenergy cares every step. Our design comply with UL, IEC. We use many advanced ways such as large current stand rolling craft, large current powder core stacking technology, transformers' miter joints craft, Anti-condensation process, etc in our process of manufacturing. Before delivering our products to our customers, to ensure the performance of products under every situations, Shinenergy make strict reliability verifications on every product such as Multi-load performance test, High temperature performance test, Noise test, Temperature shook test, Salt-moisture test, Vibration test, Coating test, Core loss teat, Conductivity test, etc.

Thanks to decades of R&D efforts, Shinenergy has made a huge break through which make Shinenergy being a leading provider in transformers and reactors, playing a crucial role in the researching and development of high-quality and high-value products within the products. As we all know, in traditional technics,copper was the default material of manufacturing the core. After hundreds of the discusses and tests, Shinenergy found out that using aluminum instead of copper as the material of the core and wrapping with copper significantly reduce the cost which need for manufacturing and remain the reliability of products. After we use aluminum, the total weight of our product is reduced by 10% to 20%. Base on these advantages, our products have a lower price and better quality than others. Our superb R&D team is constantly improving and innovating our products.

Our sales team are available to answer customers' questions immediately. They are technically trained and are able to answer most questions. Stock checking, technical information, quotation are always readily available. We provide all our customers quickest, most professional, warmest, and most satisfying service all the time.

Our company's business expanded rapidly with our products selling all over the world, receiving positive feedbacks from customers. Our company was visited by TOSHIBA, Mitsubishi Group, SMA, Xylem, etc. They highly evaluated our products and willing to have long-standing cooperation with us.

Our products have unmatched quality advantage, lower price, a dynamic management team, professional customer service, superb manufacturing techniques and edge leading R&D team, Shinenergy Technology Ltd, is gradually becoming an international brand.

As specialists in building custom transformers for a wide range of OEM applications, quality crafted Shinenergy Manufacturing transformers are available in primary from 110VAC to 10KVAC, Secondary voltage are offered from 110VAC to 10KVAC, All transformers are offered from 9Hz to 100KHz.

As specialists in building custom reactors for a wide range of OEM applications, quality crafted Shinenergy Manufacturing reactors are available from 25KVAR to 2MVAR. All reactors are offered in 50/60 Hz or in PMW harmonics.

Shinenergy is able to supply a wide range of:
• Single phase transformers up to 1000KVA
• Three phase transformers up to 1000KVA
• Isolate Transformers
• Auto Transformers
• High efficiency Transformers
• K-Rated Transformers
• High Voltage Transformers
• Rectifier Transformers
• High frequency & power Transformers
• Product Integrated Transformer & Inductor
• Traction Transformers
• Single and Three Phase reactors
• High Frequency Inductor
• DV/DT Inductor
• LC/LCL Inductor
• Water Cooling Reactor
• Detuning Reactor
• High voltage Reactor
• DC choke
• Reactor for Energy Generation

Shinenergy Technology Ltd. is dedicated to quality in its corporate activity. Our commitment to quality and the continuous improvement of products, services and processes enables us to be responsive to customer expectations. Shinenergy Technology Ltd. applies Total Quality Improvement by progressive elimination of waste in all activities. We will continue to apply the prevention system approach to improve quality, productivity, customer satisfaction, competitive market position and employee job security.

To satisfying the needs of our customers by utilizing our reliable equipments and expertise. We strive to deliver safe, reliable and efficient products, responsive service in our solutions.

To be the leader provider by delivering : comprehensive cutting edge technologies, a broad range of competitive product, quality and responsive service.

We value innovation and continuous improvement in all of our processes.
We value precision in every part of manufacture.
We value care for our customers and our employees.
We value diligence as our credo in our company.