Working Principle Of Low Frequency Transformer

A low frequency transformeris a kind of equipment that transmits electrical energy through electromagnetic induction, and its impedance can reverse the transmission of electrical energy. It is mainly designed to ensure that the device works normally under different voltages, maintaining no amount of waveform and frequency, and low frequency transformer is widely used in electronic products.

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Working principle of low frequency transformer

Low frequency transformers are made by adopting the principle of electromagnetic induction. Low frequency equipment is the most basic two coil wound around the iron core, exchange voltage through the coil at 1 strands, the current alternating magnetic flux within the coil, it occurs along the core in addition to the 1 voltage on the route, which shares the core voltage and the voltage of transmission was collision, make the voltage transmission had produced 1 some consumption, so that the voltage becomes lower.

Design of low frequency transformer

The choice of iron core is the first step in the manufacture of low frequency transformers. The choice of iron core is related to the actual need of power.  First, the power of the secondary loss of the transformer is calculated. When the actual power is below three 0W, the secondary loss power accounts for five 0%. When the actual demand power is larger, the loss ratio of the transformer is smaller, and the minimum loss is 0%. Then the power of the transformer's own loss is calculated. These two can be added to the lower actual power, depending on which the size of the iron core can be selected.

The number of turns per volt is the second step for the design of a low frequency transformer. The variable resistance material of different qualities is not 1. In order to ensure the suitable excitation current for low frequency pressure change, the number of every volt turn number is calculated by the formula. The number of turns per volt is multiplied by 22 0V, and the number of lower turns is multiplied by the lower turn number and the secondary actual power gets the number of turns of the secondary coils. 1 wires have certain resistivity, will reduce the actual voltage, so the secondary coil turns to the 0% and five orders, in order to ensure the output voltage.

The third step of the low frequency transformer is the winding method of the positive coil. At present, the main paint coil has high insulation, the actual need power is five 0W. The following transformer can use the skeleton winding method, and winding by turns, do not have a large slope, and prevent potential difference between the coils. The actual need for power in more than five 0W transformer, each layer of insulation paper to prevent the upper and lower coils to be messy, potential difference.

Through the above description, we can see that the low frequency transformer's working principle and design is simple, however, the low-frequency transformer is widely used in daily life, from laptop computers to electrical measuring, electronic access, power transmission of large power plants, etc. With the development of the smart home industry and digital mobile equipment, the demand for low frequency transformers is becoming more and more large in the future.