Why Single-phase Transformers Than Low-loss Three-phase Transformers?

There is no obvious difference between the copper losses of single-phase transformers and three-phase transformers. The general single-phase transformer for inductive load ratio is low, and three-phase transformer for inductive load ratio is high, so the three-phase transformer must be reactive compensation.

Shinenergy's Transformer, is widely used in high-power solar inverter, high-power wind turbine converters, wind turbine control system, traction auxiliary inverter, UPS, and other demanding power electronic systems, which is stable, reliable, low noise and low losses.

Shinenergy's Reactor is widely used in PV inverters, wind turbine converters, motor driver system, to reduce the harmonics for meeting the harmonic requirements

Shinenergy's EMC filter, is widely used in the inverter and motor driver system, which is used to suppress EMS and EMI.

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