What Role Does The Gas Protection Of The Voltage Transformer Play?

Transformers in the main protection measures are gas protection, transformer oil level and the transformer tank failure by the gas to be reflected. When the transformer appears a slight failure, there will be a phenomenon of oil drop, light gas will have a signal issued, and when the gas has a serious failure occurs, there will be a lot of gas, heavy gas will trip phenomenon.

Transformer internal failure, the fault will be part of the heat generated by the situation, so that in the vicinity of the transformer will be the phenomenon of oil expansion, the air was released, the formation of bubbles gradually increased, and other materials and oil in the discharge and other effects Under the gas, so that the oil surface down.

When the fault is very serious, after the gas gas is generated, the pressure inside the transformer is increased, so that the oil flows to the direction of the oil pillow. The baffle will overcome the resistance of the spring when the oil flow strikes, so that the magnet moves The contact of the dry spring, so that the phenomenon of tripping occurs.