What Is The Function Of The Three-phase Isolation Transformer?

The purpose of the three-phase isolation transformer is to cut off the path of noise interference and achieve the effect of suppressing noise interference. After adopting the circuit blocking measures of three-phase isolation transformers, most of the circuits can achieve good noise suppression effects and make the equipment comply with the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility.

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The main role of the three-phase isolation transformer is to reduce the mutual interference between different circuits and ensure the safety of electricity use. For example, in a poor environment, it is easy to cause a ground fault. If you do not use an isolation transformer, it will directly connect to the power supply and affect the safe operation of the entire power grid. After the three-phase isolation transformer is used, the power safety is guaranteed. After encountering special circumstances, the circuit will not affect the entire power grid. At the same time, the actual insulation can be monitored through the insulation monitoring system. Once the equipment fails, the inspection system will issue an alarm to remind the staff to rush to the site for maintenance and to avoid the blackout caused by the protection measures.

To use a three-phase isolation transformer to achieve the effect of electrical isolation, but also have certain conditions. The first is that only one three-phase isolation transformer can be used for each branch circuit. The test voltage of the three-phase isolation transformer test is higher than that of the ordinary transformer and should meet the requirements of the second-level electrical product. The so-called electrical isolation is that there is no direct connection between the two circuits to achieve the effect of insulation between the two circuits. At the same time, it is also necessary to satisfy both circuits for normal energy transmission.

The choice of three-phase isolation transformers is based on voltage and actual equipment voltage level. If the voltage of the actual device is the same as the supply voltage, a transformer with a transformer ratio of 1 can be used. It must be noted that an autotransformer cannot be used for a three-phase isolation transformer because the autotransformer itself exists in electrical connections and is not insulated and therefore cannot be used as an electrical barrier. For high safety requirements, special three-phase isolation transformers can be used.