Using Method Of Power Transformer

Power transformer is a kind of common electrical equipment, which can be used to change the alternating voltage of a certain value to the alternating voltage of another value at the same frequency. It can also change the value of the alternating current and the change impedance or change the phase.

Using method of transformer:

1. before use, must read in detail the transformer instructions and the corresponding control box (station) instructions. The connection line should be connected according to the instructions, and the grounding wire should be well grounded.  

2. dry type transformer control box (table) power supply is AC 220V, 380V two kinds, through the regulator output to the transformer low voltage side input. The output voltage can be continuously adjusted to the rated voltage through the ratio output.   

3. consider the safety of dry test transformers and the rigor of high voltage tests to avoid damage to equipment or test items.

4. as the DC withstand voltage or leakage current test, we can first high-voltage silicon stack, a micro meter, spin on the high voltage test transformer on the high voltage output end, and then gradually step-up, DC test can be carried out.


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