Transformer Main Classification

Commonly used transformer classification can be summarized as follows:

1, according to the number of points:

1) Single-phase transformers: for single-phase load and three-phase transformer group.

2) three-phase transformer: for three-phase system, the voltage drop.

2, according to the cooling method points:

1) Dry-type transformers: rely on air convection to naturally cool or increase fan cooling, used for high-rise buildings, high-speed toll site electricity and local lighting, electronic circuits and other small-capacity transformers.

2) Oil-immersed transformers: Rely on oil as cooling medium, such as oil immersed cold, oil-air-cooled, oil-immersed water-cooled, forced oil circulation.

3, according to the use of points:

1) Power Transformer: used for power transmission and distribution system, down voltage.

2) instrument transformers: such as voltage transformers, current transformers, for measuring instruments and relay protection devices.

3) Test transformer: can produce high voltage, high voltage test of electrical equipment.

4) Special Transformers: such as electric furnace transformers, rectifier transformers, adjusting transformers, capacitive transformers, phase transformers and so on.

4, according to the winding form points:

1) Double winding transformer: Used to connect two voltage levels in the power system.

2) three-winding transformer: generally used in power system substation, connecting three voltage levels.

3) Autotransformer: used to connect different voltage power system. Can also be used as a normal boost or drop transformer.

5, according to the core form points:

1) Core transformer: Power transformer for high voltage.

2) amorphous alloy transformer: amorphous alloy core transformer is a new type of magnetic material, no-load current decreased by about 80%, is the energy-saving effect of the distribution transformer is more ideal, especially for rural power grids and developing regions such as load rate Lower place.

3) Shell transformers: special transformers for high current, such as electric furnace transformers, welding transformers; or for power transformers for electronic equipment, televisions and radios.

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