Transformer Energy-saving Development Is Inevitable

Transformer is the key electrical equipment for power transmission, because of the large quantity, the transformer itself consumes a considerable amount of electricity. At present, the power consumption of all transformers in our country accounts for the 3%-10% of electricity generation. In the distribution network loss, the transformer loss accounted for 40%-60%, energy-saving potential is enormous. Energy-saving distribution transformers include amorphous alloy iron core transformers, adjustable capacity transformers and so on. Because of the use of a new amorphous alloy of soft magnetic materials, the performance of amorphous alloy transformers is beyond the traditional silicon steel transformers.

Now, because of the influence of raw materials and other factors, the cost of energy-saving transformers is obviously higher than that of traditional transformers, and the price factor is the main factor that affects the popularization and popularization of energy-saving transformers. Although the energy-saving huimin subsidy project to support efficient energy-saving transformers, but the market has not fully started up. To measure whether the transformer is energy-saving to the energy-efficiency level, two-level, three-level division, Energy efficiency standards opened the new era of energy-saving transformers. New energy efficiency standards for the products put forward higher energy efficiency requirements, but also is expected to change the market structure of transformers.