The Role Of Reactors In Electric

Smoothing Reactor: Its function is to limit the exchange weight superimposed on the DC current to a certain rule value; It is also used for DC side decoupling of parallel converters, reducing the discontinuous limit, limiting circulation in the loop and limiting the rate of current recovery by using the DC rapid-opening care. About the new type DC motor because of its large armature inductance.

Homogeneous wave reactor: Hydraulic press its function is to make the input current of two DC governors balanced.

Make up reactor: its role is to regulate the power grid load inductance, improve power factor.
Shunt, Series compensated reactor: the steady-state harmonic source to take the Reactance percent $number series reactor; the static harmonic source hydraulic Jack adopts 13% series reactor. This kind of reactor is in series with the capacitor, and the coordination of reactive power compensating harmonic wave sinks is widely adopted.