The Function Of Reactor In Power System

The reactor is mainly composed of resistors, capacitors and inductors in the electric circuit. The inductance has the effect of suppressing the current change, and can make the alternating phase shift. What is the role of the reactor in the power system?

The reactors adopted in power system are commonly used in series reactors and shunt reactors. Series reactors are mainly used to limit short-circuit current, also in the filter and capacitors in series or parallel to limit the high harmonics in the power grid.
1. The capacitive effect on the line of light load or light loads to reduce the transient overvoltage of power frequency.
2. Improve the voltage distribution on the long transmission line.
3. Make the reactive power in the line balance as much as possible in the light load, to prevent the unreasonable flow of reactive energy and to reduce the loss on the line.
4. In the large unit and the system in parallel to reduce the high voltage bus frequency steady-state voltage, convenient generator parallel.
5. To prevent the generator with long lines may appear self-excited magnetic resonance phenomenon.
6. When the reactor neutral point by small reactance grounding device, can also be used to compensate the small reactor line and phase capacitance, to speed up the automatic power supply flow, easy to use.