Six Trends Affecting The PV Inverter Market In 2018

Photovoltaic magazine and IHS Markit senior solar analyst CormacGilligan discussed the status of global inverter market in 2018, and summarized the six major trends that affect the market structure of PV inverter.

China will continue to dominate the inverter market. Next year China inverter shipments will reach 104 GW, half of the country occupied the global market. HUAWEI, sun power, TBEA, CHINT, and KSTAR will continue to lead to. The housing market will rise rapidly, one of the best solid, Jin Dewei wave, Gu Ray Watt and Shanghai zhaoneng.

There are many opportunities in the India market, but the size of the market needs to be considered. India is following China's footsteps and brings opportunities to many international companies. HUAWEI, ABB, SMA, TMEIC and sunlight are the leaders of this market. The local leading company, Su-Kam, will also get a lot of opportunities.

Size is important, but agility is the key. Although the inverter market has a lot of big men, small companies offer niche services and have access to certain markets everywhere. Companies and production scale must be more vital with agility and flexibility.

The MLPE market has become more difficult and developing strategy appears. Since HUAWEI has accelerated the global layout of its power optimization solution, it became more difficult for other participants of the MLPE in 2018. They have to speed up working with inverters and component suppliers to get the opportunity to survive.

Modular design makes the central inverter solution attractive. Modular central inverter in 2018 will continue to grow steadily, this is good news for companies such as Fimer and tbea.

Beware of the shortage of parts. Because of the strong demand for electric cars and smartphones, there is a shortage of parts in the whole semiconductor industry. To be wary of such shortages affects the inverter market.

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