How To Improve The Ability Of Transformer To Resist Short Circuit?

The safety, economy, reliable operation and output of the transformer depend on its own manufacturing quality and operating environment as well as the quality of maintenance. This chapter attempts to answer the measures to effectively prevent the sudden failure of the transformer during the operation and maintenance of the transformer.

The power grid often causes short circuit due to lightning strike, relay protection misoperation or refusal to move. The strong impact of short circuit current may damage the transformer, so we should make efforts to improve the ability to withstand short circuit of transformer from all aspects. The statistical results of the short-circuit impact accident of the transformer show that the cause of manufacturing accounts for about 80%, and the cause of operation and maintenance is only about 10%. The measures on design and manufacturing have been discussed in the second chapter. This chapter focuses on the measures to be taken in the process of operation and maintenance. In the process of operation and maintenance, on the one hand, we should minimize the short circuit fault on the one hand, thereby reducing the number of times of impact on the transformer. On the other hand, we should test the transformer winding deformation in time and prevent it from happening.

(1) standardize the design and attach importance to the axial compression process of the coil manufacturing. When designing the manufacturer, we should consider not only the transformer's loss and the insulation level, but also the mechanical strength and short circuit fault resistance of the transformer. During the manufacturing process, because many transformers are used and the high voltage coil insulation plate, a common plate, this structure is required to have a high level of the manufacturing process, to block sealing treatment, the coil after processing but also for single coil constant pressure drying, and measure the height of the compression coil the same plate; each coil after the above treatment, and then adjusted to the same height, and in the assembly of hydraulic pressure applied to the coil device shall meet the requirements of the design process, the final and the height. In general assembly, in addition to the pressure of high pressure coils, special attention should be paid to the control of the pressure of low voltage coils.

(2) the short-circuit test of the transformer is carried out in order to prevent the trouble. The operation reliability of large transformer is determined by its structure and manufacturing technology level first, followed by various tests on equipment during operation, and timely grasp of the working condition of the equipment. To understand the mechanical stability of transformer, we can improve it through short circuit test, so as to ensure that we know well when designing transformer structure strength.

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