How To Choose The Transformer In The Photovoltaic Grid Connected Power Generation System

At present, with the support of China's industrial policy and development plan for large-scale photovoltaic grid connected power generation system, China's solar photovoltaic power industry has ushered in a new round of rapid growth. As one of the key devices in photovoltaic grid connected power generation system, the reasonable selection and design of boost transformer plays a crucial role in improving the efficiency of PV system and reducing operation cost. So how to choose the in-situ voltage transformer in the PV grid connected power generation system?

1. The self cooling and low loss power transformers should be preferred.

2. The capacity of the boost transformer can be selected according to the maximum output power of the PV module.

3. A high voltage / low voltage preinstalled box type substation, or an open type equipment consisting of a transformer and a high and low voltage electrical component, can be selected. For offshore or windy and large photovoltaic power stations, when outdoor layout is used, the coastal protection level should reach IP65, and the protection level of the wind power station with large wind and sand should reach IP54.

4. The dual winding transformer or split transformer can be used in the local boost transformer.

5. The non excitation voltage regulation transformer should be selected for the in-situ voltage transformer.

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