How To Check Power Transformer

A power transformer is a stationary electrical device, and is a device for changing an AC voltage (current) of a certain value to another voltage or a voltage (current) of the same frequency. In order to make better use of power transformers, inspections should normally be done.

1. The oil sample test—pressure resistance, impurity, and other performance indicators are performed once every three years. The transformer can be shortened in cycle if it is fully loaded or overloaded for a long time.

2, high and low voltage insulation resistance is not less than 70% of the original factory value (10MΩ), the DC resistance of the winding at the same temperature, the difference between the three-phase average should not exceed 2%, compared with the results of the previous measurement Should be greater than 2%.

3. The grounding resistance of the transformer is measured once every two years.

4. The period of blackout cleaning and inspection is determined according to the surrounding environment and load conditions, generally from six months to one year;

The main contents are __ clear defects found in the inspection, cleaning of the porcelain casing shell, rupture or aging pad replacement, connection point tightening, lack of oil, respirator silicone inspection and replacement.