Development And Market Prospect Of China Wind Power Transformer

The construction of wind power plants has a high demand for transformers. Each wind power generator needs to be equipped with a box-type substation. The station also needs a number of high-voltage main transformers and substations with medium and low voltage power transformers. Due to the instability of wind power output power, the transformer no-load and high load loss, high energy-saving requirements of the transformer; wind farm layout is scattered and remote, the transformer needs to have a low failure rate, maintenance-free features; wind power transformer needs Tolerance to wind and sand environment, especially offshore wind power transformers, also need to be able to withstand the long-term corrosion of sea salt, high reliability requirements. In recent years, with the wind power installed capacity continues to rise, the rapid development of wind power transformer industry, technology continues to mature, the cost continues to decline, according to "13th Five-Year" plan wind power installed capacity of 210 million kilowatts of development goals, by 2020, wind power transformer Capacity may exceed 230 million kVA, the market space is very broad.

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