Composition And Function Of Power Transformer

1, high and low voltage insulation bushing: it is the main insulation device outside the transformer box, there is a fixed lead and the main part of the external circuit connection.

2, tap switch: change the primary winding turns, adjust the two voltage, atmosphere on load voltage regulation and no load voltage regulation.

3 、 gas relay: it is connected with control circuit to form gas protection device.

4, explosion proof tube: when the transformer internal fault occurs, the pressure increases greatly, the pressure protection.

5, oil pillow: fill oil storage device level transformer, oil standard tube, oil monitoring, oil level, oil hole and the air outlet valve is arranged above the.

6, breathing apparatus: with silica gel moisture absorption, silica gel drying under the pale blue, when the moisture saturated state, into a light red, then take out the replacement or high temperature drying can restore, still protect the original performance.

7 radiator: the function is to reduce the transformer operation temperature.

8, fuel tank, transformer shell, protective winding and iron core.

9, high and low winding: winding by insulated copper wire or aluminum wire, to establish the circuit of magnetic field and transmission of electric energy.

As a core: core of the transformer magnetic circuit with siliconsteel laminations.

The oil discharge valve: the valve at the bottom of the oil tank, used to put the oil and the oil sample.

In the thermometer: monitoring operating temperature measurement of upper temperature thermometer jack.


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