Classification Of Reactor

Reactor according to the structure and cooling medium, access method, function, use classification.

1, according to the structure and cooling medium: divided into hollow, core, dry, oil-immersed, etc.: dry hollow reactor, dry iron core reactor, oil immersed iron core reactor, oil immersed hollow reactor, clamping Dry hollow reactor, wrapped around the dry hollow reactor, such as cement reactor.

2, according to access: divided into shunt reactor and series reactor.

3, according to function: divided into current limit and compensation.

4, according to purpose: subdivided according to specific purposes, such as: current limit reactor, filter reactor, smoothing reactor, power factor compensation reactor, series reactor, balance reactor, grounding reactor, arc suppression coil, into Line reactors, outlet reactors, saturable reactor, self-saturating reactor, varactor (adjustable reactor, controllable reactor), the choke reactor, series resonant reactor, parallel resonant reactor and so on.


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