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ITW Denmark Visiting

October 26th 2017, ITW Denmark company, Mr. Jacob Frank and Mr. Steen Buchardi visited Shinenergy Group Shanghai Factory. The topic of this journey is building business relationship between ITW Group and Shinenergy Group. During the scheduling, they visited winding, stacking, pre-assembly, VPI, oven, final-assembly workshops; pre-test, final-test, high frequency test, IQC test platforms; high frequency products line. They were satisfied with us when leaving the factory.

Shinenergy factory photo-1.jpg

Shinenergy factory photo-3.jpg

Shinenergy factory photo-4.jpgShinenergy factory photo-5.jpg

Shinenergy factory photo-6.jpg

Shinenergy factory photo-7.jpg

Shinenergy factory photo-8.jpg

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